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What are Debate Topics?

How often do you engage in debates and how does each time choosing good debate topics to bother you? If yes, perhaps, this blog is the best platform where you might learn to choose good debate topics. Meanwhile, you may also want to understand what a debate is, as that might support you to choose good topics.

In a nutshell, a debate is an official discussion on the topic, where the two parties present their opposing viewpoints. Moreover, a debate adheres to a specific format, where both parties speak on the opposing sides of the given topic. Most, importantly, the judge ought to provide them a time limit, within which they may present their viewpoints. Furthermore, debating in high school may help you to enhance your communication research.

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How to Use Debate Topics?

Undoubtedly, choosing good debate topics looks tough, but in reality, this isn’t completely correct. Moreover, if you follow the logic and the objective behind choosing debate topics, perhaps, the process difficulties might decrease. In short, ensure choosing topics that enable the audience to learn about both sides of specific topics. Let’s explore the factors that you might consider while choosing unique debate topics.

  1. Firstly, ensure to choose debate topics that seem interesting to you as well as your audience. Also, if the topic is interesting, it might make the research exciting and your debate lively.
  2. Secondly, make sure the debate topics you choose have powerful argument potentials. Also, if one side is clear about his argument, certainly, it will create difficulties for the writer to create the argument.
  3. Thirdly, ensure to identify the target audience for whom you may craft your arguments. Certainly, your arguments need to consider the knowledge level of your audience.
  4. Finally, consider choosing topics that may have sufficient empirical data available to support your argument. Moreover, solid empirical evidence might enhance the prospects of an argument.


How to Write Debate Topics?

Let’s consider the steps below that will help us to write debate topics in a way that may impress our audience.

Step 1: Outline your Case

  • Perhaps, write a clear thesis statement for your debate topics. Also, mention the relevant debate perspective and enlist the reasons that make it better than the other side.
  • Subsequently, create a debate framework and thereby inform the judge about your perspectives. Also, consider evaluating the most relevant as well as the least relevant aspects for the judges. In brief, you ought to convince the judge to believe in your arguments.
  • Lastly, establish contentions and explain how true, direct and justifiable your overall argument is. Also, write warrants, as you might need evidence and logical reasons to support your arguments.

Step 2: Display your Case

  • Firstly, ensure to choose purposeful words as this might make your presentation great.
  • Secondly, exploit different variables that relate to your voice. For instance, increasing your voice level and lower your voice level to emphasize the different points.
  • Thirdly, identify popular historical speech, watch it and practice presenting it yourself.

Step 3: Create Notes and Attack on the Opposing Side

  • Besides, identify the unintended consequences, most issues related to the selected debate topics.
  • Simultaneously, recognize the evidence and logical reasons that might support the claim you want to present in your debate.
  • Also, find the trade-offs that might happen when one side is achieved.

In a nutshell, ensure not just to resolve problems, but to resolve them better than the opposing party. Perhaps, make the comparative clear, as you might want to write a winning debate. Also, narrate stories to the audience or the judge and ensure that your evidence is supporting your claims. Moreover, ensure to state the impact of what the opposing party in your debate entails.

Debate Topics and Ideas

Simple Debate Topics

  1. Death penalty and its abolishment.
  2. People and gun ownership- What is your opinion?
  3. Legal sex workers- Express your viewpoints.
  4. Universal Basic Income among people.
  5. Standardized testing and its ban.
  6. Detention and its abolishment.
  7. The need for armed security guards in the schools.
  8. Relevance of board schools for the students.
  9. Sexual education and its relevance in the schools.
  10. Tuition fees and their necessity in public schools.
  11. Traditional schooling versus homeschooling.
  12. Discuss the importance of the year-round session in the schools.
  13. Relevance of tenure for the teachers.
  14. School vouchers and their significance in all district schools.
  15. Significance of drug testing for high school students.

Basic Debate Topics

  1. Vaping and its abolishment.
  2. Human organs and their legal sales- What is your viewpoint?
  3. Social media and its impact on human communication.
  4. Net neutrality and its restoration.
  5. Abortion Law and its abolishment
  6. The use of renewable energy resources should replace the use of fossil fuels
  7. Free speech is non-negotiable
  8. Sex education is mandatory in high schools
  9. It is ethical to allow people to execute their right to death
  10. Separate educational institutes for male and female students
  11. English language needs to be known by all across the world
  12. Abolition of death penalty from judicial system
  13. It is unjustified to consider people terrorism by their religion
  14. Euthanasiashould be permitted to patients dealing with life-threatening diseases
  15. Standardised tests and exams should be abolished from primary education system

High-Quality Debate Topics

  1. Schools should block sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram on their computers.
  2. School uniforms should be required.
  3. Standardized testing should be abolished.
  4. All students should have an after-school job or internship.
  5. School should be in session year-round.
  6. How alternative energy replaces fossil fuels?
  7. Advantages and disadvantages of social media.
  8. Zoo and its abolishment.
  9. Kids and their privacy needs.
  10. Ban mobile phones in schools.
  11. Saving money and its significance.
  12. How ethical is animal cloning?
  13. Religion has more disadvantages than its advantages.
  14. The impact of technology in enhancing education.
  15. Global warming is a real problem.

Some High-Scoring Debate Topics

  1. Outdoor learning and its benefits.
  2. Video games and their ban among teenagers.
  3. Dystopian society and its relevance in the current time.
  4. Relevance of the Paris Agreement in the present time.
  5. Alcohols and its sales on the weekends- What are your viewpoints.
  6. Men versus women- Who is stronger?
  7. Wars and their justifications.
  8. Imposing more tax on the rich people- What is your opinion?
  9. Irrelevance of marriage in the current time.
  10. Justification of the war between Russia and Ukraine
  11. Public colleges needs to provide free tuition
  12. School teachers should not provide tuition in exchange of money
  13. Social media is affecting the psychological health and wellbeing of adolescents
  14. Human cloning should be legalized
  15. The production and consumption of addictive drugs should be banned in the developing countries

Top-Notch Debate Topics

  1. Social media has improved human communication.
  2. The development of artificial intelligence will help humanity.
  3. Individuals should own their own DNA.
  4. Humans should invest in technology to explore and colonize other planets.
  5. Governments should invest in alternative energy sources.
  6. Celebrities should not earn high.
  7. Free healthcare services for everyone- What is your viewpoint?
  8. Possibly of aids among the vampires.
  9. The effect of sunlight on the vampires.
  10. Eat to live or live to eat- What is your preference?
  11. Life after death- What are your viewpoints?
  12. Do fairy tales create an influence on the real-life perception of children?
  13. Dogs or Cats- Which is a better pet?
  14. Chicken or Eggs- What comes first?
  15. Barbie is a role model for young girls.

Amazing Debate Topics

  1. Winter versus Summer- What is your viewpoint?
  2. Individual rights and free weapons.
  3. Illegal immigrants and their penalties.
  4. Automatic weapons- How is this ethical?
  5. Pros and cons of patriotism.
  6. Freedom of speech and its significance.
  7. Benefits of marijuana.
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of the taxation system.
  9. Financial stability and its relevance.
  10. Tax avoidance and tax evasion: Which is ethical and why?

Miscellaneous Debate Topics

  1. Juveniles should be treated as adults
  2. Every citizen should be mandated to perform national public service for a minimum of two years
  3. Mobile banking is not safe- What are your viewpoints?
  4. Nuclear power and how it causes war.
  5. Same-sex marriage and its relevance.
  6. Why is nature against gay relationships?
  7. Over-dependence of the students on technology.
  8. How is paintball a real sport?
  9. Hockey versus Cricket- What is your viewpoint?
  10. Permission for gay couples to adopt children.
  11. Over-the-counter sales of birth control pills.
  12. Cell phone radiation and its drawbacks- Analyze the reasons for its restrictions.
  13. Individuals and the relevance of their DNA.
  14. Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency- Do you encourage or discourage it?
  15. How artificial intelligence supports humanity?

Interesting Debate Topics for Assignment

  1. Olympics and its significance.
  2. Advantages of Zoo for the animals.
  3. Relevance of the kids to save their pocket money.
  4. The impact of social media on teenagers.
  5. Drugs and their impact on the mental health of people.
  6. Peer pressure and bullying- What is the difference?
  7. Dangers of an over-religious person.
  8. Student loans and their exploitative nature.
  9. How is abortion murder?
  10. Significance of college and university education.

Interesting Debate Topics for Exam

  1. Relevance of learning at least one foreign language for the students.
  2. Does any third gender exist?
  3. How parental support serves important for the future success of the children?
  4. Punishment for drug addicts versus support for the drug addicts- What is your viewpoint?
  5. How technology makes a person smarter?
  6. Cyber-bullying- How to avoid it?
  7. Football and its danger for the players.
  8. Why do kids need a break?
  9. Relevance of privacy over security.
  10. Educational bonuses and their relevance for the schools.

The Ultimate List of Debate Topics

  1. Significance of purchasing laptops for every student.
  2. Existence of politics in the schools- What is your viewpoint?
  3. Relevance of standing army for the UN.
  4. Irrelevance of feminism in the 21st
  5. Smoking and its abolishment.
  6. Relevance of organic farming in the future of agriculture.
  7. Benefits of tourism for the environment.
  8. Allowing the entry of refugees in different countries- What is your opinion?
  9. Is there a need to reduce the voting age to 16?
  10. Interference of the US in the overseas conflicts- Elaborate on your viewpoints.

The Ultimate List of Debate Topics for High school

  1. Should schools offer monetary rewards for high test scorers?
  2. Is a healthier school lunch program absolutely necessary?
  3. Should football be made illegal in schools?
  4. Should fast food be prohibited in schools?
  5. Are private schools preferable to public schools?
  6. Should students purchase their own laptop computers?
  7. Is homework beneficial to students’ learning?
  8. Should high school be six years long?
  9. Will increasing the dropout age benefit students and teachers?
  10. Should mobile phones be prohibited in schools?

Trending List of Debate Topics

  1. Should schools prioritize math and science over art and music?
  2. Is it necessary for schools to provide LGBT+ inclusive sex education?
  3. Should teachers be compensated the same as doctors?
  4. Are standardized tests useful for assessing a student’s abilities?
  5. Is it appropriate for schools to include religion in their curricula?
  6. Marijuana should be permitted for usage in pharmaceuticals.
  7. Social media’s effects on adolescents and high school pupils.
  8. effects of violent cartoons on children’s mental growth.
  9. More than any other non-celebrity, celebrities can use their influence to get away with crimes.
  10. The use of nuclear weapons should be outlawed globally.
  11. Lethal force should be permitted for police to use.
  12. Does technology help people communicate more effectively?
  13. Instead of being utilized for communication, social networking sites are used for stalking.
  14. There is never a situation when torture is acceptable.
  15. The main factor contributing to the rise in obesity rates is fast food restaurants.

Unique Debate topics:

  1. Cartoons shouldn’t be permitted for kids to watch since they feature violence.
  2. Why is it that males can date younger women but not vice versa?
  3. A child’s mental development is impacted by violent cartoons.
  4. Social media’s effects on adolescents and high school pupils.
  5. Instead of being utilized for communication, social networking sites are used for stalking.
  6. Due to parents’ lack of parental supervision, childhood obesity is on the rise.
  7. Websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram should be blocked on school computers.
  8. Is having money a major factor in getting criminal charges dropped?
  9. What distinctions exist between hockey and cricket?
  10. Why is it crucial to outlaw alcohol sales in the wee hours?

Final Thoughts

If you have clicked here, perhaps you have found your ideal debate topics. However, if you still haven’t, ensure to talk to our assignment helper and seek their support in crafting your debate. Also, you may surf through the internet and find good debate topics to articulate winning arguments. Yet, you might not use all the internet sources as all of them don’t seem credible. Furthermore, consider talking to your professor, who might help you create convincing arguments and let you win the competition.

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