Best electric blankets and heated throws from £25 (2022)


s the days get shorter and the evenings draw in, it’s time to retreat into our sanctuaries and prepare for the cold season ahead.

While layers of jumpers and woolly socks will only go so far in keeping you toasty during the day, they’re hardly the most comfortable to keep on when you’re trying to get to sleep.

Enter: the electric blanket. Once an item only your nana would be caught buying, they’re a cold weather essential these days, turning your bed from a frozen block of ice into a wonderfully cosy puddle of warmth.

They’re perfect for anyone who rents or lives in an old, drafty house because they offer localised heating, saving you running central heating all through the night. Simply switch it on half an hour before you bed down, and you’ll soon have a warm nest, primed to help you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

There’s no need to worry about nodding off with the blanket still on, either. Many electric blankets are fitted with a timer and overheat protection feature to keep you safe and sound.

Check out our favourite winter warmer electric blankets below.

Dreamland Boutique Hotel Cotton Mattress Protector, Double

Electric blanket type: Under

Get ready for a a sleep you’d normally need a luxury hotel reservation to get. This double-sized electric blanket uses Intelliheat+ to get your bed to the right temperature, whatever the season. The plush mattress protector, covered with a 200 thread count cotton percale, retains its bounce, adding another luxurious layer to your bed.

There are temperature controls fitted within easy reach on either side of the blanket so you can adjust if needed, and the piece if machine washable and safe for tumble dryers too. It only takes five minutes to warm up - switch it on before brushing your teeth and it’ll be ready by the time you return. There’s no chance of waking up a sweaty mess either, as the built-in technology adapts to your body’s temperature changes throughout the night.

Best of all, it costs as little as 1p a night to run. Compare that to last year’s winter energy bills, and this investment is a no-brainer.

Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Underblanket - Double

Electric blanket type: Under

If your partner is always warm while you lay in bed shivering, this electric blanket could be your salvation. It has two control switches which allow you to set each half of the bed to one of three heat settings. A low pre-heat setting warms your bed for up to two hours before it’s time to climb in. The polyester blanket also boasts an overheat protection to stop you from becoming too hot under the covers.

Also available in king size (£60).

Slumberdown Essential Warmth Underblanket - Small Double

Electric blanket type: Under

With the energy crisis front and foremost in most people’s minds as we head into winter, there’s good news from Argos. The high street retailer has an electric blanket solution ideal for those on a budget for just £25.

From sleep specialist Slumberdown comes this Warm Hugs creation, a basic blanket that’s high on warmth. It needs just five minutes to transform your bed into a cosy nest, with three settings to control with a detachable remote. Elasticated straps hold the blanket in position all night so you’re not waking up because of its lumpy bits, and an auto shut-off feature offers additional peace of mind from a safety aspect.

Thanks to its low energy consumption, it costs just 1p to run a night. With headlines like these, it’s a sound investment for the cold season.

Dreamland Herringbone Pattern Mustard Heated Throw

Electric blanket type: Over

Use winter as an opportunity to switch up your interiors style as well as purchase a cosy winter warmer into the bargain too. Dreamland’s heated throw comes in a selection of colours and patterns but we’re wild for this mustard-coloured version (it also comes in teal) with a smart herringbone pattern.

It’s cost-effective too, costing less pennies to run and comes with a speedy preheat feature that helps you get to the right level of toastiness in five minutes flat.

Perfect whether you plan to drape this on your bed or want to curl up under it on the sofa.

Lakeland Sherpa Electric Heated Throw Teal

Electric blanket type: Over

Lined with a soft fleecy fabric and flannel on the outside, this blanket is warming enough on its own. But when you see frost etched on your windows and the temperature falls to sub-zero levels, switch it on to really feel the benefit.

There are nine heat settings to choose from on this heated throw, along with the same number of timer settings, so you can truly customise your cosiness this winter. Get lost in your latest read or boxset without worry; the overheating feature shuts the blanket down when it’s getting too hot so you won’t have to move a muscle.

It’s a machine washable marvel too - just remove the control before you throw it in with your next wash.

Beurer Monogram Electric Blanket - double

Electric blanket type: Under

Covered in a soft faux fleece, there’s nothing better than slipping into a warm bed thanks to this electric blanket.

It’s a design Goldilocks herself would be jealous of with six heat settings to reach the optimum level of warmth.

It’s fine to use with most pocket spring mattresses, but may not be compatible with certain memory foam beds, so talk to your manufacturer first.

Considering it costs less than two pence to operate a night, it’s a very cost-efficient option indeed.

Dreamcatcher Double Fitted Electric Blanket

Electric blanket type: Under

There are few things we love more about winter than slipping into a warm bed when it’s cold and rainy outside. Get your sheets to the right temperature quicker with this Dreamcatcher electric blanket, which comes in single, double, king and super king.

Designed to rest between your mattress protector and bedsheet, the product has been consciously designed so that you don’t feel anything but gentle warming heat when you’re trying to drift off. We’re talking ultra-thin wires and a smooth polyester cover you’ll barely be able to detect. There’s no danger of it slipping or sliding either: the elasticated skirt sees to that.

You can adjust the three heat settings with LED controllers fitted either side of the blanket and use the timer to set it on before bed, relying on the auto-off to turn it off once you’re asleep. When it needs a clean, it’s easy enough to sling it in with your next washing load. An investment that’ll see you through til the spring.

Dreamland Reindeer Print Faux Fur Heated Throw

Electric blanket type: Over

Sink into a world of super soft faux fur (reindeer effect, if we’re talking specifics) with this blanket from Dreamland.

This throw looks nothing like the electric blanket you might have in your mind’s eye, luxe and comfy enough to use over your duvet as well as draped on the sofa. It’s machine washable too so you can keep it looking like new for longer. There are six heat settings with an automatic shut-off if it gets too warm, so perfectly safe for falling asleep with.

Also available in husky and zebra for the same price.

Lifemax FAR Infrared Heated Lap Blanket

Electric blanket type: Over

Want something portable as well as snuggly? This grey blanket is ideal for taking on trips or using in the car, thanks to the included wall and car socket. As well as keeping you toasty, this blanket has Far Infrared technology which reportedly helps improve circulation, ease muscle pain and help rebuild injured tissue.


They say you should never go to bed on an argument, and with the Dreamland Boutique Hotel Cotton Mattress Protector you won’t have to compromise on your preferred sleeping conditions. Solo sleeper? Enjoy the bouji boutique hotel feels all to yourself.

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