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The Complete Facebook Group Cover Photo Size Guide (2021) - Fotor's Blog (1)

It’s important tooptimize your Facebook group cover photo so that you give your clients and followers a great first impression.

Understanding the correct Facebook group cover photo size is essential for making a stunning Facebook group cover photo. But we know that finding the right measurements can be hard.

Fortunately, you are in the right place, follow these tips on how to accurately size a Facebook cover photo for your Facebook page.

The perfect size for Facebook group cover photo

Finding the right group cover photo size can be a hassle.

Especially since Facebook keeps changing the pixel measurements for cover photos.

However, rest assured, that in 2021 you can safely follow the dimensions found in this graph here:

The Complete Facebook Group Cover Photo Size Guide (2021) - Fotor's Blog (2)

Source: Facebook

This graph shows that the measurements for functional group cover photos are 1,648px by 856px. Or an aspect ratio of 1.91:1.

Pay attention to those highlighted gray areas in the graph.

They are important!

Facebookstrongly advises you not to place any important information in these gray areas as they will be cut off for people using a mobile device.

Facebook group cover photo size for mobile users

The Complete Facebook Group Cover Photo Size Guide (2021) - Fotor's Blog (3)

So, if you want a Facebook group cover photo size that works on any device, use the dimensions of 1,648px by 856px.

Confused about how to get this measurement?

Don’t worry!

Fotor’s Facebook cover photo makercan automatically frame your cover photo to these specifics. Give it a try for a stress-free experience.

But wait. There is also the option to upload a Facebook cover video.

Facebook group cover photo size for Facebook cover video

The Complete Facebook Group Cover Photo Size Guide (2021) - Fotor's Blog (4)

Facebookcan only support videos that are between a minimum of 820px wide by 312px tall. The recommended size is 820px by 462px with an aspect ratio of 2.7.

For those more video-inclined, this may be a great alternative from the cover photo.

Ready to give your Facebook cover a refresh?

The cover photo will be the first thing your fans and customers will see when they click on your group.

I see many Facebook group pages that have engaging content but fail to appreciate the impact of their cover photo.

These small details can make a big difference.

A well-thought-out Facebook cover design can pull in potential customers to your page and make them read on.

Not to mention that your cover photo will also represent your brand image, so it’s best to start building a good reputation from the first interaction.

Easy to use Facebook group cover photo maker by Fotor

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Now, let me tell you all about the best Facebook cover photo maker that there ever was – Fotor.

Naturally, I can give you many reasons why Fotor should be your go-to choice. But let’s talk about some of the best features.

  • First, there’s an extensive collection of amazing Facebook cover templates for you to use.
  • Secondly, all these templates can be customized to give your photo a unique look. These can be found through Fotor’s easy-to-use design tool.
  • And thirdly, Fotor is free to use!

There are so many more features I could tell you about but instead of me just listing all of them, why don’t you make an account and go find out for yourself?

So, feel free to follow this link and sign up to Fotor today.

If you’re already a member, then congratulations! Just sign in and get creating. You know what to do.

Still not convinced?

Check out these 10 diverse Facebook cover templates from Fotor that will inspire you to get started.

10 Free Cover Photo Templates for Your Facebook Group

  • Show off your Work

Click the Image to Edit

Give your audience an immediate insight into your business by showing them all the amazing things that you’ve done.

Whether it’s a delicious cake you’ve made or a project you’ve designed, presenting your work in the cover photo will let your customers know that you can get the job done.

  • Use Pictures of your Customers/Members

Click the Image to Edit

Another way to bolster business reputation is by showing how your services are already making a difference to your existing members.

New customers want to envision how they’ll look and what advantages they’ll have when they sign up for your service or purchase your product.

  • Give a Call to Action

Click the Image to Edit

As already stated, the cover photo will be the first thing people see.

So, give the reader a pathway into the page by inserting a call to action in the photo.

Side note: It’s best to offer the customer a path to some free information or a free trial if you can.

  • Put a face to the Company

Click the Image to Edit

If you’re running your own business, an effective way to build empathy between you and your customers is to put a picture of yourself in your cover photo.

Potential members want to get to know the people behind the company just as much as they want to know what the service or product offers them.

  • Show an Action Shot

Click the Image to Edit

Excite your fans with an eye-catching picture that will make them want to get in on the action.

A vibrant shot like this one will have your fans buying tickets to the next gig.

Look for a professional action-shot cover photo on Fotorand insert your own photos within their amazing design frameworks.

  • Sum up your Service

Click the Image to Edit

You want your customers to know exactly what you’re offering from the start.

Do this with an informative picture and a brief title that lets them know that they’ve found the right page.

Make sure not to overload your cover photo with too many words.

You want your cover photo to be simple and straight to the point to avoid any confusion.

  • Inspire your Customers

Click the Image to Edit

Sometimes the customer knows what they’re looking for, but they just need that little extra push.

Guide them in the right direction by creating a cover photo that inspires them to take the next step.

Your cover photo can open their eyes to your Facebook page and to a better tomorrow.

  • Show a Sneak-Peak Click the Image to Edit

The Facebook cover photo is essentially a window for the viewer to see what your service or business offers.

Let customers draw back the curtains and peer into your world.

Show off a little sneak-peak for the viewer to get excited about in your cover photo.

It will not only get them thinking about how your business operates but also how it can benefit them.

  • Try out a Collage

Click the Image to Edit

Consider using a collage to show off your business’s best features.

A college gives you a lot more freedom on how your cover photo can look and will ease the decision on what photos to include.

Unsure on how to put together a well-designed collage?

Fotoralready has many outstanding collage frames for your next cover photo. Give them a try!

  • Display your Values

This cover photo emphasizes this business’s commitment to excellent service.

Do the same in your cover photo by telling your viewers what’s important to your company.

When the customer knows what you value, they will feel inclined to trust you when it comes to the sell.

How to make your group cover photo with Fotor?

Making your group cover photo with Fotor has never been easier.

First head on over to sign up to make a new account.

Then hover over the “features” menu to find “design” and then click on “Facebook Cover”.

Click on one of the outstanding Facebook cover templates to enter into Fotor’s user-friendly design tool.

The Complete Facebook Group Cover Photo Size Guide (2021) - Fotor's Blog (15)

Once satisfied with your template choice, get your creative juices flowing by choosing from Fotor’s range of elements, texts, photos, backgrounds, and other customizable features.

You can find these options on the left-hand side menu.

When finished, click the export button located above the picture, and download your finished cover photo.

With such a revolutionary design tool that offers the perfect customer experience, why not try out Fotor today?

Tips for your Facebook post design

Let’s look at a few good examples of Facebook cover photos to give you some last-minute tips!

  • Consider the Group Page Color Scheme

The Complete Facebook Group Cover Photo Size Guide (2021) - Fotor's Blog (16)

You see the pink “join group” button and pink highlighter over the “About” option?

That’s right, you need to choose a color theme for your group page.

With this in mind, think about how this will impact your cover photo.

Sabrina Phillip’s group with 22 thousand members has incorporated pink into her cover photo to accompany for her group page color.

  • No Need to Overcomplicate

The Complete Facebook Group Cover Photo Size Guide (2021) - Fotor's Blog (17)

If you have a striking message to tell people, try using a plain background with bold text.

Sometimes, this is all the information your fans need. group with 58 thousand members offers their followers exciting ways to make money.

Their cover photo is straight to the point just like their content.

  • Usea high-resolution Photo

The Complete Facebook Group Cover Photo Size Guide (2021) - Fotor's Blog (18)

No one wants to pick up a product that’s been damaged and the same applies to joining a group with a blurry cover photo.

Make sure to use high-resolution photos.

The Sway Facebook Group provides viewers with entrepreneurial tips and insights. And what goes together more with a go-getter attitude than a cup of coffee?

  • Quality over Quantity

The Complete Facebook Group Cover Photo Size Guide (2021) - Fotor's Blog (19)

You should always abide by one rule when making your cover photo:

Keep it simple.

Choose just a few select photos which represent your highest quality of work.

Sweet Bee Bakery’s cover photo is simplistic and gives the viewer a clear insight into their best-baked goods.


A beautifully crafted Facebook group cover photo can make or break a group page.

It is the deciding factor on whether a customer will join the group or instantly click “back”.

Using a Facebook cover photo creator like the highly reputable one from Fotor, will put you on the road to design and viewer-reach success.

I look forward to seeing your great cover photo designs on Facebook in the future!

Feel free to drop a message in the comment section below if you have any further questions.

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