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  • Want to see the weather today from all over the world without leaving your place. Just click more and you'll see many interesting places with the local weather online. All continents in one place. Watch and discover the world with hundreds of different webcams. Beautiful places, the most famous cities and areas with current informations about temperature, wind and humidity.
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  • Realtime satellite sun and cloud images. Cloud cover map – your current and reliable cloud forecast. Weather maps provide past, current, and future radar and satellite images for local cities and regions. Currently, the cloud motion data used to derive wind measurements are observed from geostationary satellites on Weather today.

    We provide information on global climate conditions along with detailed current sea water temperature data. Current sea and water temperature for 12,000 resorts and beaches worldwide. Also see animated maps of tides. Great informations for surfers and windsurfers.

    The latest earthquakes shown on a map. List of all earthquakes today / past 24 hours. Continuously updated in near-real time on Weather today. The USGS sends out earthquake data at regular time intervals.

    Real-time air quality indicators for every country. The Air Quality Index is based on measurement of particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), , Ozone (O3), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Carbon Monoxide. Protect yourself from air pollution with hourly-updated and street-level air quality information at your location on Weather today.

    Do you know how beautiful our planet is? The most beautiful panoramas seen from space. Live Earth view happening right now from space at the International Space Station. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, NASA TV has a channel where you can follow what is happening on board the International Space Station.

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  • Real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world. You can track any commercial flight around the world on their flight radar!

    Discover information and vessel positions for vessels around the world. Real time ship positions and marine traffic detected by global AIS network

    Live traffic conditions: traffic jams, accidents, roadworks and slow moving traffic.

  • Tropical Weather-Pacific

    The Eastern and Pacific oceans are two of the Earth's four oceans. They are divided by the Americas, with the Pacific to the east of them and the Atlantic to the west.

    Tropical Storm Newton is heading west.

    A tropical storm is a type of storm that forms in the tropics. Tropical Storm Newton formed on Wednesday evening several hundred miles offshore of the southwestern Mexican coast. Newton may briefly strengthen this afternoon before heading westward out into the Atlantic Ocean.
    This is talking about the Pacific Ocean getting deeper and colder, which will eventually lead to the wind getting weaker. The storm is not expected to directly impact land; however, shipping and fishing interests may be affected.
    The sentence is telling the person to closely monitor the storm's progress.
    We are monitoring an area of potential development along the far southern coast of Mexico through this weekend.

    The Western Pacific Region is one of the nine regions of the World Health Organization. It includes 37 countries, stretching from Iran in the west to Samoa in the east, and from Mongolia in the north to New Zealand in the south. The Region has a population of about 1.9 billion people, or about 26% of
    A tropical storm is a type of storm that forms in the tropics. This particular tropical storm is located south of Japan.
    The system is moving north-northwestward.As of Thursday evening, EDT, a system called Tropical Storm Talas by the Japan Meteorological Agency is south of mainland Japan. The system is moving north-northwestward. of days.A system is moving northeast and is expected to arrive in a couple days.
    A typhoon is a large storm that usually happens in the Pacific Ocean. This one is staying south of mainland Japan but is still affecting the country with heavy rain and strong winds. A storm is expected to bring heavy rain to parts of Japan through early Saturday. the coast.The wind can be gusty, especially near the coast.

    The coast.

    A storm is in the sea east of the Philippines. Tropical Storm Karding is a system that is known for its strong winds. The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia. A storm is expected to hit the Philippines this weekend. The storm is going to impact Hainan Island.

    Southern Pacific:

    No new information for this time period.

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    Dry weather heading into start of weekend

    SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR) –Fall arrive so cue the cool air. Details below.


    The weather is going to be cooler on Friday. After a cloudy start to the day, some sunshine is expected in the afternoon, but temperatures won’t get out of the 50s! This means that if something happens, it will be the first time that has happened since April 30th.
    The weather is looking cool but dry for the walk to the Dome for the Syracuse-Virginia game.

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    On Friday nights, people usually like to relax and have fun. Sometimes they go out with friends, or stay in and watch a movie.
    Skies will clear Friday night as high pressure continues to build into Central New York. The forecast is for the winds to die down and the temperatures to drop into the low to mid 40s. Outlying areas make it into the 30s with some patchy frost. In fact, a Frost Advisory is up for Lewis, Northern Oneida and Otsego Counties.


    It looks like we might have some rain and some sun this weekend.
    High pressure is still in control of our weather Saturday. This looks to be our sunniest day of the weekend and dry too with this high around.
    Weather is going to be chilly in the morning, but it will warm up to the mid 60s by the afternoon. A big storm is coming our way and we're going to get really wet.

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    India Weather Live Updates: Delhi on "yellow alert"

    The monsoon is a time of year when it rains a lot in India. On Thursday, there was a lot of rain in Delhi-NCR, which caused some traffic problems and some areas were flooded. The weather forecast of more rain in the next two days has resulted in the shutting of schools in Noida and Greater Noida for Classes I to VIII. The national capital has been receiving a lot of rain for the past two days.

    The India Meteorological Department issued a ‘yellow alert’, cautioning people about moderate rain at most places in the national capital. The streets were flooded in Gurgaon and several parts of NH-48 were waterlogged. The Gurgaon administration has asked corporate offices and private institutions to allow employees to work from home on Friday in order to reduce traffic congestion. IMD’s RWFC took to twitter at 8:00 am and informed, “Light intensity rain/drizzle would occur over and adjoining areas of many places of South-Delhi, South-East Delhi, NCR ( Hindon AF Station, Ghaziabad, Indirapuram, Chhapraula, Noida, Dadri, Greater Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, Manesar, Ballabhgarh) Yamunanagar, Kurukshetra… Kotputli, Alwar (Rajasthan) during next 2 hours.”

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    Hurricane Fiona barrels towards Canada in rare weather event after hitting Bermuda with heavy rains

    A hurricane called Fiona is going towards Bermuda and then northeastern Canada. It is a Category 3 storm, which means it is very strong.
    The center of the storm was passing northwest of Bermuda by Friday morning with maximum sustained winds nearing 125 mph, with higher gusts, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. The storm was downgraded from a Category 4 hurricane as it made its way past the island, it said.

    The Canadian Hurricane Centre said that Fiona was expected to reach the waters of the Maritime province of Nova Scotia by Friday evening. They also said that "heavy rainfall" and powerful "hurricane force winds" were expected to hit Atlantic Canada and eastern Quebec starting early Saturday.
    The storm is going to be bad in Atlantic Canada and eastern Quebec. Numerous weather models are consistent in their prediction of what we call a deep hybrid low pressure system, possessing both tropical and intense winter storm properties, with very heavy rainfall and severe winds.

    A hurricane is a type of storm that typically forms over warm ocean waters. As the storm moves over land, it can lose its main source of energy, which is the warm water. So hurricanes in Canada are relatively rare because the storms typically lose their main source of energy as they hit colder waters.
    A hurricane is a big storm that can cause a lot of damage. Hurricane Juan was a big hurricane that happened in 2003 and it caused damage to parts of Canada. Some people died because of the hurricane. The storm caused widespread power outages, major tree damage and delivered record coastal water levels.

    The hurricane center said that there would be severe winds and rain in eastern Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, western Newfoundland, eastern Quebec, and southeastern Labrador. This would have "major impacts" on these areas.
    There will be large waves, especially for the Atlantic coasts of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and eastern portions of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, according to the hurricane center. A storm is coming to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The storm may cause an abnormal rise in water levels (a "storm surge"), which could flooding.

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Weather in cities:Comayagüela Tegucigalpa San Pedro Sula Choloma Puerto Cortés La Ceiba Comayagua Ciudad Choluteca Yoro Santa Rosa de Copán Gracias La Paz Juticalpa Trujillo Santa Bárbara La Esperanza Nacaome Yuscarán Nueva Ocotepeque Roatán Puerto Lempira source:


What is the best weather radar site? ›

AccuWeather gathers the best and most comprehensive weather data to deliver forecasts with Superior Accuracy. Forecasts are pinpointed for every location on Earth and extend further ahead than any other source.

How do I get current weather on Google Maps? ›

Simply visit Go to the upper right hand corner of the map. And select the weather

Can you see weather on Google Earth? ›

Where Is Google Earth's Built-In Weather Layer? Launch Google Earth Pro on your desktop. If it's not already visible, open the sidebar within Google Earth. You'll find the weather layer in the Layers tab on the sidebar.

What is weather simple answer? ›

What is Weather? The day-to-day conditions of the atmosphere at a place with respect to elements like humidity, temperature, wind speed, rainfall, etc. is called the weather of that place. Weather can be cloudy, sunny, rainy, stormy or clear.

What is the most accurate weather app 2022? ›

2022's Top 10 Most Accurate Weather Apps Forecasting:
  1. The Weather Channel – Best Free Weather App. ...
  2. AccuWeather – Most Accurate Weather App. ...
  3. WeatherBug – Best App for Free Weather Alerts. ...
  4. Dark Sky - Best Weather App for iPhone. ...
  5. Shadow Weather – Best Weather App for Android. ...
  6. FlowX – Most Interactive Weather App.

Is there an app to check weather along a driving route? ›

Drive Weather illustrates the National Weather Service's forecast showing drivers the weather along their route when they're expected to be at each point. In under 60 seconds you can know what weather forecast calls for and when to expect it on your route and have a safer journey.

Is there a map app that includes weather? ›

Navver is a turn-by-turn navigation app that integrates weather radar data into your trip. It assists drivers with seeing weather conditions along their route so they can prepare for any inclement weather.

Is there a map app that shows weather? ›

Weather on the Way is a new kind of weather app – it provides a weather forecast for a route. By combining navigation and weather, it can calculate a route to your destination and show a forecast for points along this route, precisely at the time you will be driving through.

Is Google Earth Pro still free? ›

Google Earth Pro on desktop is now free and available to download for Windows, macOS, Android and Linux. Explore worldwide satellite imagery and 3D buildings and terrain for hundreds of cities.

Are Google Earth clouds real time? ›

Tip: Google Earth shows stationary clouds by default, and animated clouds fade and then disappear when you zoom in. Notes: Cloud data may not always be precise and shouldn't be used for public safety or daily planning.

How do you view a storm on Google Earth? ›

How To See Clouds and Storms in Google Earth Pro - YouTube

What is a weather class 1? ›

The day-to-day condition of the atmosphere at a place with respect to the temperature,​ humidity, rainfall and wind speed, is called the weather.

What causes weather for kids? ›

Weather is caused when the Earth is heated in an uneven way by the sun. Changes in temperature cause winds to form which then move pockets of warm or cold air around. When air is moved up (vertically) it can cause clouds to form and may result in precipitation (rain) and storms.

What are the 7 elements of weather? ›

The elements of weather and climate are the individual atmospheric variables that work together to create different weather conditions and establish climate patterns. The primary elements include temperature, air pressure, wind, humidity, precipitation, visibility, clouds, and sunlight exposure.

What is the number 1 weather app? ›

The following are the best weather apps and weather widgets currently available for Android. 1) 1Weather 2) Accuweather 3) Appy Weather 4) Google Feed 5) MyRadar Weather Radar 6) NOAA Weather 7) Overdrop 8) Storm Radar 9) Today Weather 10) WeatherBug Just install this extension and get top ten app list.

What is the best live weather app? ›

The 5 best weather apps: Check the weather forecast
  • AccuWeather. Best weather app overall. View now.
  • Carrot Weather. Best weather app for entertainment. View now.
  • Dark Sky. Best app for global weather. View now.
  • RadarScope. Best weather app for advanced tracking. View now.
  • The Weather Channel. Best free weather app. View now.
16 Aug 2022

What's the best weather app to put on your phone? ›

Google Weather

Google Weather comes pre-installed on a lot of Android phones and provides you the basics in a satisfying, easy to use interface. It shows current conditions with a future forecast as well as other data such as humidity, wind, sunrise & sunset, and more.

Is windy weather app free? ›

It's free for both iOS and Android. Windy is used by professional pilots, paragliders, skydivers, kiters, surfers, boaters, fishermen, storm chasers, weather geeks, and even governments, army staffs and rescue teams.

What is the best free weather app for an Android phone? ›


If functionality, details and correct weather forecasting (at least, as correct as it can be) is your thing, then the free AccuWeather app for Android should be your weather app. It's highly functional, and includes the ability to add weather widgets to your home screen.

Where is the weather app on my phone? ›

Just open the Google app, which comes pre-installed on most Android phones. If you don't have it for some reason, you can download it. Once the Google app is opened, you should see a small button showing you weather info in the top-left corner of the Discover tab. Tap on it.

Does WAZE show weather? ›

Waze boasts a great user-friendly interface. If you're already familiar with the app, look for this new feature by selecting the “Report” icon, then “Hazard,” then “Weather.” Under the weather hazard, you'll see options for fog, hail, flood, ice on road, and unplowed road.

How much is the drive weather app? ›

The Drive Weather app presents weather, wind speed and direction, temperatures, and radar. Full Version Only $11.99 / year.

Is there a free NOAA weather app? ›

SOS Explorer (SOSx) Mobile is a free, flat screen mobile app version of the popular NOAA Science On a Sphere (SOS).

Are weather radars accurate? ›

The Short Answer: A seven-day forecast can accurately predict the weather about 80 percent of the time and a five-day forecast can accurately predict the weather approximately 90 percent of the time. However, a 10-day—or longer—forecast is only right about half the time.

Is Google Earth better than Google Maps? ›

According to Android Central, if there's a place you'd like to discover, Earth is the best program. Its satellite view is higher resolution and more complex than what you'll find in Maps. Google Earth also includes a full 3D rendering of its satellite data.

Does Google Earth cost money? ›

Google Earth Pro on desktop is free for users with advanced feature needs. Import and export GIS data, and go back in time with historical imagery.

How much does Google Earth Pro cost per year? ›

Once $399 A Year, Google Earth Pro Is Now Free | TechCrunch.

Can you get live images on Google Earth? ›

You can use Google Earth, the platform that enables you to view any place on Earth -- including terrain and buildings, galaxies in outer space and canyons of the ocean -- to view live images.

How do I get real time images on Google Earth? ›

Google Earth automatically displays current imagery.
To see how images have changed over time, view past versions of a map on a timeline.
  1. Open Google Earth.
  2. Find a location.
  3. Click View Historical Imagery or, above the 3D viewer, click Time .

Why are there no clouds in satellite images? ›

However, imagery obtained by satellite sensors is constantly constrained by clouds blocking the view of the surface of the Earth and their shadows obscuring or distorting features on the ground. Often, the imagery is unusable for it's intended application due to the cloud obstruction.

Is there a free live satellite view? ›

Google Earth - Free access to high resolution imagery (satellite and aerial) Google Earth offers free access to some of the highest resolution satellite imagery, although the highest resolution images are actually taken from airplanes.

Is there a live satellite view? ›

If you're looking for a live feed, the ISS feed is the perfect option. But if you want the latest georeferenced imagery, then NASA's Worldview and USGS EarthNow are perfect for you. Otherwise, the sharpest and near real-time satellite view would be Planetscope at 3 meters per pixel and a new image of Earth every day.

How can I view my house in real time? ›

Google Earth (and Google Maps) is the easiest way to get a satellite view of your house and neighborhood. This enables anyone to view nearly any part of the world, get instant geographic information for that area, and even see your house with an aerial view.

Is weather Channel more accurate than AccuWeather? ›

The Weather Channel and Weather Underground are again at the top of the stack nationwide for forecasting high temperatures, but AccuWeather far surpasses all rivals in its ability to predict low temperatures to within three degrees.

What radar do storm chasers use? ›

Out of many, RadarScope is the best radar so far. Many professional meteorologists, news reporters, and even pilots use it for storm chasing. It provides information about reflectivity and dual-polarization from any NEXRAD site, a network of around 160 sites that operate in the U.S. and selected global locations.

What weather app do meteorologists use? ›

Area, if Regional
Weather UndergroundGlobal/national-scale
Weather USAGlobal/national-scale
WeatherOnline UKMobile AppGlobal/national-scale
27 more rows

What radar app do storm chasers use? ›

Radarscope is the best app for people who are serious about the dangerous science of storm chasing. This dynamic little app was designed for specifically for storm chasers as well as professional TV meteorologists, which make it a pretty nifty tool for science-minded hobbyists as well.

Which weather station is the most accurate? ›

  • Best Overall: Ambient Weather WS-2902C Osprey WiFi 10-in-1.
  • Best Premium Model: Ambient Weather WS-2000 Smart Weather Station with WiFi.
  • Most Accurate: Davis Instruments 6152 Vantage Pro2.
  • Best Ultrasonic Model: Ambient Weather WS-5000 Ultrasonic Weather Station.

Which weather model is most accurate? ›

Types of Weather Models

The ECMWF is generally considered the most accurate, just slightly so, than the American system. However, they do provide access to weather predictions worldwide.

Who has the best weather app? ›

AccuWeather is ZDNET's top choice. We compared features, cost, and accessibility when we determined our No. 1 pick and four other top-tier weather apps worth trying.

Why do people chase storms? ›

Research - Most storm chasers collect weather data when they get close to a tornado. They may have other motivations, but at the heart of every storm chaser in an insatiable curiosity about these awe-inspiring storms.

Is RadarOmega free? ›

You can get a RadarOmega subscription for as little as $4.99 per month through our iOS or Android app.

How much does RadarScope cost? ›

Unfortunately, Radarscope isn't free—it costs $9.99—but it's worth it if you're serious about wanting to stay ahead of storms heading your way.

What is the number 1 weather app? ›

The following are the best weather apps and weather widgets currently available for Android. 1) 1Weather 2) Accuweather 3) Appy Weather 4) Google Feed 5) MyRadar Weather Radar 6) NOAA Weather 7) Overdrop 8) Storm Radar 9) Today Weather 10) WeatherBug Just install this extension and get top ten app list.

What is the #1 weather app? ›

1Weather is a weather forecast application which you can use to check the weather with just a glance at your Android screen. The app offers a meteorologic forecast for anywhere in the world, with predictions for up to a week in advance, so you'll have plenty of time to adapt your plans for rain or sun.

Is storm Tracker a free app? ›

Get all the weather information you need, severe weather warnings, from the trusted source — The StormTracker 12 Weather Team. Get instant access to your 7-day forecast, HD Dual Live Doppler interactive radar and the "Predictor" forecast model in this FREE app.

How do you track storms? ›

Radars. Weather radar is very important to meteorologists because it can detect rain and severe weather even when it is cloudy or dark. Doppler radar sends out electromagnetic wave fields that can be reflected back to the radar by things in the air like precipitation.

How do you use storm app? ›

How to use the Storm Shield weather app - YouTube


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(R. Crosby Lyles)
4. VENTUSKY best app for weather forecast 🌀🔥🌄
5. Bocholt Weather Forecast Maps Ventusky
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(Bazza Gilbert)

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